Friday, September 23, 2016

A Busy Week

This week we began using the 4 square writing model.  We wrote about our classroom and what we found to be the most interesting part of Room 205.  We worked on drafting, editing and then writing a final copy so that we know the expectations for when we begin our homework.  In science, we are learning about light.  We learned many new science vocabulary words - reflect, refract, absorb, transparent, and opaque.  Ask your child if they are able to tell you what these words mean.  We will begin reading next week so in order to prepare we have been enjoying 15 minutes of quiet reading time.  We really enjoy reading for fun and enjoyment!  We have been reading chapter books, picture books or books from home! On Friday, we acted out some Shel Silverstein poems.  This was a nice break for us and we really loved performing! We have been talking a lot about how sometimes we need to stop and breathe.  We are practicing being mindful or more aware of ourselves and surroundings.  When we are mindful we allow our mind to slow down and refocus ourselves.  We read a wonderful book, I Am Yoga, that talked about how when our mind is going so fast the world seems to fly by and be so big.  However, when we stop and relax the world is a perfect place and size for us to be what ever we want to be.  We have been practicing the simple yoga poses and breathing to help us refocus ourselves especially after transitions such as specials and recess.  By doing this we are ready to listen and learn.

We Love To Read!

Poems by Shel Silverstein Performed by Room 205

Getting Our Costumes 

The Big Performances

Yoga - standing tall like a mountain

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