Monday, October 24, 2016

October Flew By

It is hard to believe another month has gone by.  We continue to focus on learning and having fun in Room 205.  We are working on Sound in science.  We have learned how sound travels, why we hear different pitches and why the volume changes.  We are enjoying doing hands on experiments to predict, observe and learn.  We will be finishing our unit by creating our own musical instrument.  We will use what we have learned to make an instrument in class.  Thank you to everyone who has donated items to our class for this project.  We will be working on this Monday, October 31 so any items you have please send in by Friday, October 28.

In math we have been learning about multiples of 0, 1, 2, 5, and 10. We have begun learning about the Distributive Property of Multiplication.  This says that a multiplication problem can be broken apart into the sum of two other multiplication problems.  We worked in small groups to use manipulatives to help us better understand this concept. We are learning how we can break apart 6x3 into (1x3)+(5x3).  Since we are easily able to solve multiples of 2 and 1 we can solve 6x3.  We also learned a new model, called the Frayer model, to help us with our math vocabulary.  This model uses a graphic organizer for vocabulary building. It has students define the target vocabulary words and apply this information by generating examples and non-examples. Each group had one math vocabulary word to work on.  We hung up our completed math vocabulary posters on our math wall.  Please remember, if you are working with your child on their homework and they are struggling refer back to the lesson we completed in class or log onto to see how it has been taught in class.  Both are excellent tools to show you how the math should be completed.  

In writing, we have been doing a lot of creative writing.  We used the book Fortunately, to write our own story.  Everyone came up with their own series of fortunate and unfortunate events.  We also have been writing fall poems. Most of our writing will stay in school until the end of the year.

 Science Experiments

Math Time 

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