Friday, November 4, 2016

Sounds of Room 205

We had a fun week in Room 205.  Monday we used all of our knowledge about sound to create our own musical instruments.  Not only did we use what we had learned but added in a lot of creativity.  In the afternoon we enjoyed some Halloween fun and an all school sing-a-long.  Everyone loved the Halloween songs that Mrs. Agati and Mrs. Demartinis led us in. In writing, we have been writing How To's, where we instructed the reader how to make the musical instrument we invented.  We have been talking a lot about empathy.  We watched the videos with Mojo (from Class Dojo) on empathy and read a wonderful booked called The Invisible Boy.  We discussed how important it is to take other people's feeling into account and think how would it feel it that were me. This is something we will continue to discuss this month. In math, we finished Topic 3 and will now be moving onto Topic 4 - Using Multiplication to Help us with Division.  Please use the resources sent home to help your child with their math homework.  Don't forget to check the important dates in November, we have many days off this month!

The Sounds of Room 205
We're in the Band


Creative Musicians At Work:
Building Our Instruments

Our Amazing Musical Instruments

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