Saturday, December 17, 2016

It's Electric!

We have been studying electricity in Room 205 and have had lots of fun experimenting.  We talked about what we know about electricity before discovering how it really works.  We began with a battery, tin foil and a small light bulb.  After some experimenting we were all able to light the bulb!  We found out that electricity is a form of energy that provides light, heat (as we felt from the battery), or sound.    Over the week we built different circuits that lit up a light, sounded a buzzer, and even did both.  We also added in a switch to turn it on and off.  We then learned about conductors and insulators.  We found many objects are conductors including us and even more that were insulators.  It was exciting to hear all there screams when they got it their circuits to work!  Then when they went on to create even more complex ones that worked! Be sure to ask your child all about what they have learned during science.

Electricity Experiments:

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