Thursday, March 15, 2018

Crazy Sock Day!
Let’s raise awareness for Down Syndrome!

Sport your CRAZIEST socks to school on Friday, March 23rd!

$1 donation is welcome, but not mandatory.  All donations will be given to the National Down Syndrome Society

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Volunteers Needed

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The Pine Glen Carnival will be held this Saturday, March 17.  If you are able to volunteer please visit the PTO Blog for a link to the signup.  

There will be fun and games and many AMAZING raffles!!

Friday, March 2, 2018

Wax Museum

I am so proud of everyone for all their effort and hard work on their famous Massachusetts projects for our Wax Museum.  They showed creativity and knowledge about their person when presenting.    I loved seeing all the costumes, props, and posters.  I hope everyone who was able to attend enjoyed it as much as the Third Grade Teachers did.  After each student had a chance to share with the class all they learned.  Everyone was able to become their person & share so many interesting facts! 
Great Job Room 205!

Reading Buddies

We got to do some reading today with our friends in Mrs. Parnell's kindergarten class.  Some siblings were able to read together too.  We loved hearing the kindergarteners read their books to us and we got to pick out one of our favorites to read to them.  We ended with a Go Noodle Shake Break!  It was also fun to see all the CRAZY HAIR!

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Multiplication Masters

Congratulations to Our Multiplication Masters!  
Great work - Ben, Brooke, Brian, Phoebe, Kai & Sadie

Don't forget to keep practicing your multiplication facts at home.  Students should be fluent through 10 by the end of third grade!

Lowell Mills Field Trip

We had a great time at the Lowell Mills.  We learned a lot about the changes in how people lived, how they got work done, and how the land changed over time.  We also got to walk up 5 flights of windy stairs just like the Mill Girls did and view a Boarding House.  Everyone had a great time. 

Life on the Farm or Life in the City 

Separating Cotton & The Cotton Gin

The Changing Land of Lowell 

The Boarding House

The Boot Mill