Homework Project

Famous People in Massachusetts History
Part II – Home Portion of Project

Your child is writing a biography about their famous person in school.  We are using Google Slides for this.  Your child may want log into their Google account to use it for reference.  

Part A
Look over all of the research and materials you have collected in school.  You need to speak and answer questions about your famous person's life.  You may wish to make index cards to use during your presentation.  Remember that you are writing and talking as your character.  Everything should be written in the first person’s point of view.

Some information you should include:
  1. The birth and death dates (if it applies to your person)
  2. Information on their childhood/early life.  Where did they grow up?  What was their family like?  Did they have struggles to overcome?
  3. 4-5 interesting facts about your famous person.
  4. Why is your person famous?  Include what they have contributed to society/their accomplishments.
  5. Your favorite fact about your person.
  6. Finally, anything that you wish to share or think is interesting.

*If you feel that you do not have enough information, do more research at home.  Use the internet, with your parents, or go to the library for more books!

Part B
You will need to come dressed as your famous person would have dressed during the time period in which they lived.  You must use props your person may have used to enhance your presentation.

Part C
You will also need a tri-fold poster board (one that stands on its own) with pictures and facts about your person.

Some ideas for your poster that you may want to include:
*Name of person
*Date of birth - death
*Photos of your person
*A bulleted list of important facts
*A timeline of important events
*Internet pictures or illustrations of: book covers, inventions, awards won, speeches, quotations that apply to your person
*Photos of historical sites created in their honor
*An illustration or photo of their family or home
*Add color, borders, or any other eye catching details

Remember to be creative and use your imagination!

Note to Parents:
Please do not hesitate to call if you are unsure of any directions.  If you need any materials to help with dress or props, let us know.  Lastly, please help your child practice their presentation.  If each family member could act as an audience for your child, it will help them immensely.

The Wax Museum will be on Wednesday, March 1st, in the cafe from 8:45-9:25.

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